Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bronte Sisters mini-Challenge

1) Read and/or watch TWO works by any of the three Bronte sisters

For example:
Watching two movies
Reading two books
Reading one book; watching one movie

You can always read (or watch) more. But two is the minimum. I don't know that this has ever come up, but you CAN count abridged versions of the novels. You CAN also count audio books.

2) The challenge will run through November 15th, 2008. That gives us a full six months and a few extra weeks to read. I had considered going through December. However, I decided with the fall being what it is--Thanksgiving, birthday, Christmas, Librarians' Choices, and possibly (???) Cybils, that I would not be getting much read for challenges anyway. I figured that you'd be busy celebrating, planning, shopping, dealing with your own chaos and drama as well. So November 15th it is.

I'm going to be super-nice especially since it serves in my best interests. Any book you've read by any of these authors in the year 2008 can count towards your challenge. I've just read The Three Musketeers (this past weekend!) I'm so going to count that.

*Also re-reads are allowed if you like.
*So is overlapping with other challenges.

3) No blogs are required. No lists are required. You don't have to tell me which books for which authors you're going to read. But I would *appreciate* hearing from you which two books/movies you went with as your choices. I'd also *appreciate* some feedback. For example of how BRIEF that feedback can be you can write "3 musketeers; thumbs up" or "Jane Eyre, recommended" or "Great Expectations, boring" It can be really really really short and sweet. But I would like to know what you ended up with and if you liked it or loved it or hated it. If you do have a blog and want to write a review, go for it. If you give me the link, I will read what you have to say!


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Judy B said...

Is it still possible to sign up for the Bronte Sisters Mini Challenge?

Becky said...

Yes, the challenge hasn't closed yet. And it probably won't officially close. As long as you've got time (and you do) to read or watch two works then you've got time to join!

zetor said...

I have finished 'Agnes Grey' today as part of the challenge. You can read my review here,
A wonderful book.

zetor said...

Finished 'Villette' tday my review is here,

Kristi Chase said...

I want to join the challenge.