Friday, May 2, 2008

What exactly is a mini-challenge???

In September 2007, I started two mini-challenges. The Austen mini-challenge and the Inklings mini-challenge. At the time, I don't believe anyone else was using the term "mini-challenge," when it came to reading challenges.

A mini-challenge is a small, focused reading challenge. A miniature reading challenge where the minimum number of books is much smaller than that of most full-sized reading challenges.

For those not familiar with reading challenges in general, I'll try to explain that as well. A reading challenge is typically hosted by one person, one blog. That one person sets the rules and guidelines for the challenge. They may help facilitate participants by setting up special sites, pages, posts related to the challenge. They might even have their own yahoo group to help build the participants into a community. Most reading challenges give participants rules as to how many books required and the deadline for reading those books. 6 books for 6 months, for example. 12 books for 12 months, etc. An average book challenge might ask readers to read anywhere from 6 books to 12 books. (Some are larger like the 888 Challenge asks for 56 books minimum. And the A-to-Z challenge asks for 52 books. The 100+ book challenge obviously wants at least 100 books.) Some are seasonal (spring, winter, fall, summer). Some are topical (science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, mysteries, romance, etc). Some are annual events. Each challenge is unique because they are hosted by different people. So the rules do vary.

All of my mini-challenges (at least so far) have focused on one author, a classic author. And most have asked for two books per author. (The Inklings challenge asks for 4 books because I'm asking you to read both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.) All of my mini-challenges allow for books, audio books, movies, and abridged versions.

Mini-challenges, I hope, serve as small introductions.

I'd be open to feedback and suggestions. Which authors should I focus on next? Got an idea? Share it!

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