Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scott Westerfeld Mini-Challenge

The Scott Westerfeld Mini-Challenge will be for 2009. January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009.

The goal of this one is to read TWO of his books.

His YA books include:

So Yesterday (2004)
Midnighters: The Secret Hour (2004)
Midnighters: Touching Darkness (2005)
Midnighters: Blue Noon (2006)
Uglies (2005)
Pretties (2005)
Specials (2006)
Extras (2007)
Peeps (2005)
The Last Days (2006)

He also has a handful of adult titles. I'm not sure if he's got any 2009 releases or not.

He is one of my favorite, favorite authors, and I'd LOVE it if you took this opportunity to discover his works.

To join this challenge, please leave a comment!

Participants so far:
Bobbi's Book Nook
Book Zombie
Beth Fish Reads
Katrina's Reads
Jackets and Covers
Angelica Joy
J. Kaye
The Curious Reader


Book Zombie said...

I would love to join this challenge. At the school library we couldn't keep Westerfeld's books on the shelves. So I would love to find out what the kids love so much about his writing.

The two I plan to read are Peeps and The Last Days (becuase the Grade 6 girls loved these ones)

I also plan to read the Uglies series soon too :)

Beth F said...

I'm in for this one. My niece has been after me to read the Uglies series. This will give me incentive. I'll read The Uglies and The Pretties.

Great choice for a mini-challenge.

katrina said...

I'm going for the Uglies and the Pretties as I keep hearing so much about them.

Renee said...

I love the idea of the mini-challenge! I keep meaning to read some of Westerfeld, but my list of books to read just keeps getting longer! Maybe with this challenge, I can finally get a few read...

Alessandra said...

I'm in for this challenge! I'll try The Uglies and the Pretties.

Rhinoa said...

PLease sign me up for this challenge next year. I want to catch up on series I started this year and will try and read Pretties, Specials and Extras.

test-veens said...


What a delight to have small do-able challenges like these :)

I will get back to you, if I take part, but I will sure keep a watch on your blog :)


Jenny said...

I'd love to join this challenge. These seem to be very popular at our library. I'd like to read the Uglies series also so I'll do the first 2. Maybe by then they will stay on the shelf so I can check them out.

~Kylee said...

I'm SO in. My oldest has the first 4 (are there more?) in the series and has read them all. Luckily she's cleaned her room recently; shouldn't be too hard to find them. =)

Laza said...

Hi I'm in for this one!

Jeska said...

I'd like to participate! I am actually just finishing up the Uglies series, but I wanted to try to read some of his others - now I have a reason to!
I will plan on reading Peeps and Last Days as well.

Maria said...

I want to join! I've already read the first 3 in the Uglies series and I loved them so I'll read Extras and pick another one later!

I love the idea of mini challenges - so much easier!

Kristi said...

hello becky - please sign me up for this mini challenge also!


J. Kaye Oldner said...

I'm in! :) My post is here:

Laza said...

I'm in for this, I'll read the Uglies and the Pretties.

splummer said...

Would love to join in on this challenge. Have been wanting to read the Uglies and Pretties. Have my post up and linked back here to you. You can see it here:


Intergalactic Bookworm said...

Sign me up!

Judy/Intergalactic Bookworm

sally906 said...

I'm up for this one - my list is up on my challenge blog:

I am going to finish off the Uglies trilogy - I will read Pretties and Specials

blondierocket said...

I'm planning on joining in. I've been wanting to start The Uglies series so this will give me a chance.

Rosalina said...

Thank-you for hosting this challenge. Can you please add me to it? I'm planning on reading The Uglies, and The Pretties. =)

Bookgeek said...

Oh, I love the idea of a mini challenge. Please add me. I plan to read Peeps first.

jehara said...

is it too late to join this challenge?

Becky said...

No, it runs all of 2009, you've got plenty of time :)

jehara said...

ok cool. i am going to join and read the midnighters books since i've already read the uglies series.

Angelica Joy said...

Hi! I'd love to join this challenge, he's my new found fave author.

Reverie said...

OMG!! i love his writing and I am especially hooked on Midnighters series. It's so original!

Lissa said...

Yes Please! Me too! =D

I have been meaning to read Specials and Extras(I've read the first two), and this may just be the incentive I need...

Here is my link:

Thanks for hosting Becky, this is such a good idea. =D

jacketsandcovers said...

My friend loves his books and is always after me to read them. I'll be reading Uglies and Peeps, I think.

Thanks for hosting, Becky!

Lynda said...

Joined in this challenge and read Parasite Positive (Peeps) and The Last Days.
Round up post here:

Maw Books said...

I've just picked up Uglies and Pretties and hope to get to them this year. Maybe this will give me motivation to read them sooner rather than later.

drey said...

I just "found" this... Is it too late to sign up? =P I'd be cheating, thought. I read Uglies, Pretties, Specials, & Extras this year.

Becky said...

Welcome, Drey! It's not too late to sign up!

Kathrin said...

I hope it's okay if I sign up now? With all the reviews out there, I just have to sign up... My post is here

miss cindy said...

I would like to join this challenge. I've already completed one book. My post is here

Kerri said...

I'd like to join this challenge as well. I've just started reading the Uglies. My post about the challenge is here

Amanda said...

Okay, I'm joining late, but I'm real excited. My post is here.

Miss Cindy said...
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Miss Cindy said...

I've finished the challenge :) Here is my post, and here is 1 and 2 of the books I read. Thanks for an enjoyable challenge, hope to see you next year with something new!

Andrea said...

I'm going late! My challenge is to read the Midnighters since I've read the other books. I'll be posting here. Thanks!

Sherrie said...

I have finished a book for this challenge. Uglies, loved it! You can see my review at my place, Just Books.

Sherrie said...

I have finished this book challenge with "Pretties". You can see my review at my place, Just Books. Have a great day!!


Amanda said...

I'm finished! My end-of-challenge post with links to my two reviews (The Last Days and So Yesterday) is here:

Shel said...
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Shel said...

This year I read both Peeps:
and The Last Days:

Of course, Leviathan is fourth on my Read it NOW, NOW NOW! pile. So I should get to that before the year's end.

Andrea said...

I'm finally getting around to this challenge. Here's my first post for The Secret Hour

Andrea said...

Here is my second post for Touching Darkness

And here is my completed post.